Why Choose Angular JS?

AdsVento has a team of Angular JS experts, who are in love with Angular. It is platform that ease the web, mobile and desktop app development.
The result is expressive and readable.

  • DOM Manipulation.
  • Accesible Applications with ARIA.
  • Progressive Cross-Platform Apps.
  • Generation of Templates into Code.
  • High Performanced animation timelines.

Advanced Authentication

AngularJS is now used as a 'Social Plugin Login Module' for client side authentication for fb.

Google - the source

AngularJS is mainly maintained by Google to encounter the challenges fced in developing single-page applications.

Popular Video Sharing Website

YouTube which is available on Sony PS3 is built on AngularJS. The YT site was bought by Google after 1 year as soon as it came into existence.

Platform for Employment

Linkedin heavily rely upon Nodejs for framework. The new Linkedin app is extremely lightweight with and is 2X faster than its previous version of Ruby on Rails.

World's Leading Payment Gateway

PayPal operates worldwide for money transfer. With AngularJS, you can integrate checkout.

The Biggest Paid Video-Streaming Service

Netflix utilizes Angular in its tool for analyzing and monitoring the Amazon Web Service security.

Our Vision

We are not just going to build projects, we are going to build businesses.

Angular JS

Flow Chart Demontration of Angular MVW Framework

Happy Clients

Adsvento has always managed to endow the clients with successful service.
We never settle less with the quality of our work.